Policies & Guidelines

Policies & Guidelines 2016-2017 

ERCHA Ministry Leader 


For the purpose of this document, the term parents can be defined as one or both parents and the term child can be defined as a single child or children of one family. 

Eagle River Christian Homeschool Association (ERCHA) is a local Christian homeschool network in the Chugiak/Eagle River area. We are a ministry of Eagle River Grace Church, and as such, require participants to act and speak in a manner that does not undermine the Eagle River Grace Statement of Faith. (Click to download a copy of the Eagle River Grace Statement of Faith.

We believe the ultimate responsibility for care, training, and education remains with each child’s parents (Deuteronomy 4:9, 6:1-25, 4:1-4). This is an inalienable right given by God, which the State cannot create, destroy, or alter. While others may be delegated to teach at times, the final responsibility and control for education remains with each child’s parents. 

We believe that as parents carry out the education of their children, it is their duty to do so in a manner that actively works to produce educational excellence, good citizenship, and godly character. We encourage parents to be familiar with and comply with Alaska State Law regarding home education. (Click to download a copy of the law and a concise summary about it written by the Home School Legal Defense Association). 


ERCHA is based on Biblical principles and conducted with Christian values. Participation in ERCHA is open to any family willing to conduct themselves in a manner which does not undermine the Eagle River Grace Statement of Faith and are actively homeschooling in Alaska or preparing to do so.

A participant directory is available on the private portion of our group’s website. The information in the directory is only for ERCHA participant use and is not to be shared with others outside the group. It may not be used for business or political mailings or solicitations. Participants may opt to keep information about their children private and not listed in the participant directory by selecting the appropriate box on the registration form. 

Failure to abide by these Policies and Guidelines may result in cancellation of ERCHA participant privileges.  


Participants may plan and/or post events or information of interest to homeschoolers including community events, or educational or fellowship opportunities. 

The ERCHA forum is not a venue for promoting a lifestyle or personal agenda.  Political campaigning is not allowed.  Only legislative alerts that directly pertain to home education are allowed. Forwarded messages from HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) and APHEA (Alaska Private and Home Educators’ Association) are permissible.  The ERCHA Ministry Team reserves the right to moderate messages and/or remove a participant or message from the forum if guidelines are violated or the content of the messages is not for the encouragement of ERCHA participants. 


A collection of homeschooling materials (CDs, DVDs, and reference books) are available for loan to ERCHA participants. 

Checking out materials: Loans are for one month. You must be a current ERCHA participant to check out items. A sign-out clipboard is located in the ERCHA cabinet.

Returning materials: Self-check your items back in by recording the return date for each item on the clipboard and place your items where you found them. 

Lost or Damaged Items: Participants are responsible for items they check out and will be asked to replace or compensate ERCHA for any which are lost or damaged. 

5. ERCHA Ministry Leader 

The ERCHA Ministry Leader must be a member of Eagle River Grace or have signed its covenant agreement and will act under the oversight of an Elder of Eagle River Grace.  The Leader makes an annual, voluntary commitment to serve the needs of ERCHA.  His/Her job is to provide leadership and support to the participants of ERCHA, which exists to strengthen homeschooling families in this community. 

The ERCHA Ministry Leader has the responsibility and authority to establish and revise policies and guidelines as well as make decisions pertinent to the operation of ERCHA. Changes to existing policies and guidelines will be approved by the Eagle River Grace Church Elder Board, and then announced to ERCHA participants via electronic transmission or printed format.